Our service areas:

1.1 Auditing

1.2 Due diligence

1.3 Audit by order
2. Accounting

2.1 Book keeping

2.2 Accounting staff providing

2.3 Accountant recruiting and hiring

3. Accounting system

3.1 Accounting system planning

3.2 Test of internal control

3.3 J – SOX
4. Registration

4.1 Company incorporation and registration

4.2 Partnership Limited registration

4.3 Trade mark registration

4.4 Modification on the registered information such as the directors, shareholders, objective, company name and address, authorized power, and increased or decreased capital
4.5 Company and partnership dissolution registration and liquidation
4.6 VAT registrations, Modification of the registered VAT information

5. Consultation

5.1 Accounting planning

5.2 Tax planning
6. Salary and social security

6.1 Salary and payroll management

6.2 Social security forms preparation and submission
7. Document Request and Collection

7.1 Request service for the Certificate of Registration

7.2 Request service for all type of registration-related document such as the List of shareholders’ names, Certification of Trademark Application, Memorandum of Association, sample of corporate seal, and any other documentation for the registration.
8. Financing
BSA has a skilled team experiencing in offering recommendation for planning and preparing necessary document for loan application. We will help you through the application process until the fund is approved. We also offer a projection and cash flow projection services for real estate industry such as condominium, housing development, townhouse, and commercial building businesses.