BSA offers a variety of services in auditing, accounting system planning, special auditing as agreed, BOI auditing, J-SOX, business due diligence, bookkeeping, accounting and tax planning, accounting and tax consultation, company and partnership registration, trade mark registration, VAT registration, and financing.
All of our services are provided or arranged by a team of skilled personnel who had a great deal of experiences working in the auditing, accounting, and internal control fields in the large private firms. Some of our staff is the tax and duty specialist who formerly served as the expert in tax laws field and worked as a resource person in the government entity.
Financing is an alternative service that we offer to satisfy the individual financial need of each customer who currently has a trouble in receiving proper service from the financial institutions. The trouble may arise from lacking of the funding support to increase the liquidity of its business.
BSA was established and started the business in 2002. We have presently set up our subsidiaries in Patong, Phuket and Central Pattaya, Chonburi in order to support the increasing number of current and future investors.
All of our accountants are bachelor graduates in accountancy and several of them even have the Masters in this respective field. This is what makes us proud and confident to provide the best satisfactory service to every customer professionally

Auditing,                          Due diligence       and Tax audit                                                                                                









BSA provides a standard and strict auditing by a team of experienced accountants who can ensure that the work will be done within the agreed timeframe. The after-audit report summarizing the problems found as well as the solutions available for the customers will be issued to help the customer improve and alter its approaches to be more concisely.
Auditing fee

  • The service will be charged upon the transaction volume and working hours required to complete the audit.


BSA has a lot of experiences in conducting the due diligence for the foreign and Thai investors. Our staff is well prepared in all accounting, financial and legal management fields.

Corporate Income Audit for BOI and non-BOI entities
BSA specializes in corporate auditing for the BOI-promoted companies as one of our current customers is the foreign investor from the automotive parts industry. The business of this customer is under the promotion of BOI and our auditing is required to certify this

Book Keeping and Accounting The current tax rate for business owners imposed by the Thai government is relatively low. The corporate income tax rate is at 20% on the net profit and the tax levied on the company with registered capital of no more than THB 5,000,000 and income of no more than THB 30,000,000 will be at the rate of 10%, with exception of 30% tax rate on the first THB 300,000. Value Added Tax rate is 7% on the revenue from supplying goods and providing services. Personal Income Tax is no more than 35% and the rate levied on an individual is set on a sliding scale with the tendency to decrease in the upcoming years.

Our principle is to seriously adhere to the standard of bookkeeping and accounting. We have no policy of allowing our customers to evade their taxes. Therefore, our accounting methods will strictly be in conformity with the generally accepted accounting standard principles and will be in accordance with the Accounting Act B.E. 2543 (2000)
Services will be charges upon the transaction volume and working hours required to complete the work.

Registration As the location of our head quarter is very close to the branch of Department of Business Development, it is very convenient for us to offer a fast registration service which covers all types of registration available. Service fees are as followings:
Company and Partnership Incorporation       THB  6,000
Modification of registered information                         THB    4,000
Company dissolution and liquidation   THB  12,000
Trade mark                  THB   8,000
Accounting System BSA has an experienced team for working on accounting system planning and internal control system evaluation. Our services cover a variety of both registered and general companies and also those who are preparing for the stock exchange’s listing. We can help you step up the listing process by administrating the internal controls system to make it meet the listing requirement. Financial consultation for market entry is also available upon requested.
Accounting and Tax consultation We offer consultation service for all businesses that currently lack the resources and knowledge necessary to cope with the tax and accounting reporting challenge. Their mistakes may lead to further tax burden or inaccurate accounting record which may not benefit the management in any way.

Objective of Tax Planning
Tax planning is not an approach for tax evasion. The goal of tax planning is, however, to help minimize the corporate taxes, the type of taxes unknown to your organization, or the incomplete or non-exercised tax benefit right.


Salary and Socail security We provide a salary and payroll management service as well as completing and submitting the monthly income tax return forms and social security forms. We realize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of the employees’ benefits and it is our responsibility to do so. We also offer personal income tax calculation and submission service for your employees.
Document collection As the location of our head quarter is next door to the branch of Department of Business Development, it is very convenient for us to request and collect all important registration-related documents for you. The documents can be delivered to your door anywhere in the country in a few days by express courier or within 3 hours by email. This service will be charged THB 300 per transaction while the document fees and delivery cost will be charged based on the actual expense.


      Financing                   BSA has a skilled team experiencing in offering recommendation for planning and preparing necessary document for loan application. We will help you through the application process until the fund is approved. We also offer a projection and cash flow projection services for real estate industry such as condominium, housing development, townhouse, and commercial building businesses.


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